Mobile Operator Communications

Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s), Inter-Carriers, and Telecommunication Providers seek to provide enhanced services for their subscribers.  Examples include:

mobile operator
  • VoWiFi – Voice over WiFi allows mobile operators to increase coverage without investment in towers and femtocells with cost savings benefits for subscribers.
  • WebRTC – Provide the ability to deliver browser to browser applications such as click to call/chat directly from a web page
  • SMS / MMS – Improve messaging services over legacy systems while also enhancing security

Key Benefits


Reduce churn by adding services that keep subscribers from leaving. Distribution lists, parental controls, and other personalized services for SMS and MMS messaging and VoWiFi for improved service quality help keep customers engaged.



Deliver new services that help build revenue through usage such as conferencing and video chat without requiring third party software or downloads.


A2P / P2A

Support the requirements of Application-to-Person and Person-to-Application including screening and filtering for A2P anti-Spam.



Merge multiple legacy systems into a unified service with consistent reporting and new functionality such as IP-SM Gateway and enhanced firewalls for security.



Reduce costs with consolidated systems, virtualization and opportunities to deploy cloud services for rich communications.

What to Look for

Mobile Communication: VoWiFi, WebRTS, and SMS solutions are provided by NewNet Mobile Communications.

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