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Posted on: March 7th, 2014 by NewNet

At Mobile World Congress, Alex Sinclair, the CTO of the GSMA shared his vision for Network 2020 .(link to GSMA website with slides) His goal was to outline the action that the telecommunications industry needs to take as a collective to optimize their future.

The six areas of focus include: IP Services, Quality of Service, Security, Technology, Virtualization, and Self-Optimization. Within each of these areas are keys things that if focus is applied can unlock new revenues, growth opportunities and network efficiency.

The first two initial areas of focus of IP Services and Quality of Service are in the process of being initiated by a host of global operators, a positive step in the right direction.

IP Communication Services need to focus on creating a global interoperable platform that delivers high quality relevant service to customers. Operators need to focus on better interconnection, , integrating IP communications native in devices and the use of cloud-hosted and ‘hub’ solutions. to deliver VoLTE and ViLTE integration.

Quality of Service (QoS) needs to provide support for demanding services such as video, improving the end user experience while monetizing data growth. QoS needs to improve not only within an operators network but ensure quality between operators to ensure voice and video calling.

The additional areas of focus will include leveraging new technologies to reduce costs, allowing integration with third parties to provide innovation as well as growth opportunities.

Sinclair challenged the audience to examine how operators think about their networks and the plan for their evolution. While every operator may choose their own path it is critical to have a defined process, guidelines and standards that allow us to work in a global network space.

As an industry, the mobile operators are facing changes in their customer profile – a desire for new technology, an aging population, increased education, and a new generation of customers who demand and expect higher levels of quality then any previous generations. It is essential to incorporate everyone into the digital economy.

As a industry operators are faced with increased data traffic growth and a need to monetize opportunities, while being cost effective, sustainable and provide ROI for investors.

The net take away – we need to work together to evolve the telecommunications for tomorrow.

— Brent

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