Invigorate is a real-time convergent subscriber billing system for Telecommunication Carriers, Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s)

Invigorate is a real-time rating and charging system engineered to meet the needs of operators in today’s ever changing and competitive environment. Invigorate provides an unified view of subscriber purchasing behavior with a web-based central point of control console. In addition, this modular solution is based on open standards to enable flexible and cost-effective implementation.

Invigorate’s Customer Care web portal allows customer service representatives to view subscriber account history, as well as modify subscriber account details, adjust balances, view usage and recharge history. A subscriber self-care portal allows subscribers to manage and update their accounts. Invigorate enables service providers to quickly package, promote, and discount services based upon a customer’s unique preferences, while simultaneously encouraging the use of additional revenue-generating applications.

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Primary Benefits

Unique Flexibility

Invigorate provides flexibility for service providers wanting to administer profitable tariffs and instantly respond to changing market dynamics. Possessing an infinitely configurable rate management system, Invigorate enables service providers to experiment with different service value concepts.


Geared for Integration

Invigorate maintains strong support for external system integration in terms of a customer’s current and future business modules, various signaling gateways, and value-add customer partners.


Portable & Scalable

Invigorate has been designed to be operable on multiple hardware platforms, work with various operating systems, and adheres to commercially demanded scalability and reliability requirements.


Modular & Based on Open Standards

Handling some of the most complex, multi-price packaging and service bundling demands; Invigorate accelerates the launch of new services and collection of the revenues generated for maximum return on investment (ROI).


Real-time Convergent Charging






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