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Nimblevox provides Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions for inbound customer care and outbound automated alerts.

Nimblevox helps companies of all sizes deliver exceptional customer service through affordable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions. Nimblevox makes it easy to answer your customer’s calls with voice self-service, or proactively reach out with outbound dialing campaigns.

Nimblevox’s IVR solutions improve the customer experience by immediately answering every call, automating routine tasks, and proactively reaching out via the telephone.

Securely deploy your custom IVR applications quickly with features that include:

Our dedicated team of software engineers and application developers deliver solutions that provide the right balance of functionality, flexibility, and cost of ownership. Nimblevox’s extensive range of cloud-based IVR solutions reach millions of end users daily. On-site and managed service options are also available. Find out more here.

Nimblevox Solutions

Ringless Voicemail

Leave a message on someone’s voicemailwithout the phone ever ringing with Nimblevox Direct Messaging.


Service Creation Tool

With our user-friendly drag and drop service creation tools, all the coding is written for you. Creating a custom IVR application takes days, not months.



Leverage our out of the box APIs or build your own from scratch. Customize for your environment with APIs that make it easy to route calls, send reminders, and more.


Voice & Messaging

Deploy applications that will integrate with your website and existing systems for more engaging and effective customer care.


Outbound Dialing & SMS

Streamline communications with scalable outbound IVR technology. Perfect for political campaigns, emergency notifications, and telemarketing.


Benefits Include:

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