NewNet Secure Payment Transactions offer Digital payment infrastructure with intelligent routing & switching solutions and cloud transformation for Acquirers, Processors, Banks, PSPs, Payment Gateways, PayFacs, MNOs, NSPs, FinTechs, CSPs etc., handling integrated payment transaction routing, secure network access, and payment data security by smart utilization of flexible APIs, accepting omnichannel payments from Mobile, Web, In-Store, SmartPOS, mPOS, Ecommerce, Mcommerce & ATM transactions, fully compliant to security standards.

NewNet’s Secure Transaction Routing and Transport products transport billions of transactions between Point of Sales (POS) systems and host servers annually.  Global merchant acquirers, payment processors, banks and carriers trust NewNet’s PCI architected hardware and software systems to deliver performance, reliability and security for Dial-up and IP transaction transport.

NewNet Communication Technologies AccessGuard 1000 , Total Control STG  products and the future forward Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) System provide unique benefits in a single system consolidation – in physical or virtualized environments.

NewNet integrated solutions deploy creative configurations that enable a progression path to cloud-based technologies.  Our secure transaction routing and transport solutions can be consumed via server-based solutions or as cloud-based applications in either a private or public installation.


Visit Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace anytime to get started with a free trial of NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC).

NewNet Secure Transaction Routing and Transport systems transport 20% of the world’s annual transaction volume including:

NewNet is a transaction transport leader with a history of innovation.

NewNet Secure Transaction Routing and Transport solutions was acquired by Skyview Capital from Traxcom in 2011. Prior acquisition contributing the NewNet Secure Transactions product foundation include UTStarcom, 3Com and Primary Access.

Additionally, NewNet’s Secure Transaction Routing and Transport solutions stand above with benefits that include:


High density in a small footprint for IP and Dial-up transaction transport with hardware-based cryptography and TLS/SSL acceleration. “Fast Train” connectivity for Dial-up POS systems


PCI-DSS architected for certified confidence with Layer 7 routing for transport, tokenization, and DUKPT processing with FIPS compliant HSM.


Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) support for resiliency with cluster-based redundancy management. Round robin, host load-based, and host response-based load balancing.


On-site deployment assistance with integration to a wide variety of systems along with the expertise and willingness to customize to meet specific requirements.

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