Government regulations require organizations to take added precautions to ensure the security of their networks and the privacy of patient data. The capability to accept different forms of payment as well as access and transfer of patient data via a single “smart card” is becoming a requirement rather than an option.   

Healthcare standards such as the Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other standards are defining security requirements for healthcare data transmitted for transactions and other information such as:

NewNet Secure Solutions for Healthcare

3rd party payment processors and banks working with healthcare applications are under pressure to ensure privacy of personally identifiable information.  NewNet solutions for healthcare data transport over IP and dial-up networks include:

NewNet’s IP-based Transaction Accelerator, AccessGuard 1000 system, is designed to process high-volumes of IP based authorization and payment queries, which are generated from a “smart card” terminal device.

NewNet’s Total Control STG enables fast processing of authorization and payment requests, involving single-session transfer of small amounts of data. The system is designed for maximum reliability, utilizing redundant components while supporting traffic load-sharing across disparate databases.

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