Electronic transactions continue to expand globally, with an increasing number of mobile devices becoming access points for payment.

Mobile handsets around the world are being used for:

Additionally the growing prevalence of contactless POS systems (no physical contact between the consumer payment method & POS terminal) spotlight the importance of authentication, message integrity, and data confidentiality within publicly accessible mobile, broadband internet and dial access networks.

NewNet Secure Payment Transaction Solutions safely route and aggregate payments in conformance to PCI DSS standards. High performance systems with accelerated cryptographic processing support legacy and new transaction authorization host server interfaces.

NewNet Secure Solutions for Payment Transaction Networks

NewNet’s Secure Payment Transaction transport solutions securely routes transactions from a variety of NFC mobile wallet phones and mobile POS devices that operates in Wireless data networks.   CDMA, GSM, WiMAX, and WiFi transaction transport is securely routed from browser based, mobile application specific or SMS/MMS triggered endpoints.  EMV-type (chip and PIN) and traditional credit and debit cards are supported.

NewNet systems residing within the payment processor / authorization server network ensure security for transaction transport.   The IP-based Transaction Accelerator AccessGuard 1000 system is designed to process high volumes of secure IP based POS transactions.  Dial transaction transport are secured via the use of NewNet’s Total Control STG system.

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