Legacy Upgrade


Recent requirements for upgrading payment cards with the Europay, MasterCard & Visa (EMV) chip technology embedded within payment cards has prompted many organizations to upgrade their POS systems.   Transaction transport is also an issue as EMV outlines requirements for 3DES encryption, certificate authorization and HSM certificate storage.    Data transport between EMV devices and host servers must maintain a high level of security for data in transit and at rest based upon EMV specifications that extend beyond the POS device.

NewNet systems support the enhanced security requirements of EMV for payment card data transport.   Payment card processors and banks can deploy NewNet systems for IP or Dial-up connections to support the growing use of EMV around the world.

Dial-up to IP

Research indicating that more than half of POS systems continue to rely on dial-up connectivity. This means that a mixed communication environment must be supported by many payment processors.   SMB retailers and other small businesses accepting payment cards are frequently using dial-up endpoints.

NewNet systems support dial-up (Total Control STG) and IP (AccessGuard 1000) with datacenter systems that coexist with management flexibility.   Shared security systems such as NewNet’s TransKrypt Security Server can add efficiency for a mixed environment.    Virtualization for NewNet’s systems provides application flexibility as the profile and volume of a payment processor’s customer base evolves.

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