Secure transaction transport between POS endpoints and host servers requires integration to a wide range of existing systems. System upgrades for enhanced security and performance, support for EMV, or migration from dial-up to IP requires adjustments during the deployment phase to ensure performance from POS to host server.

NewNet’s support team’s years of experience with a vast range of POS and Host systems provides a unique resource, helping to make existing systems quickly contribute to enhanced performance.  Common examples of integration services where NewNet’s support team assists in the deployment of its Total Control and AccessGuard transaction transport systems, TransKrypt Security server, and management systems include:

NewNet’s Secure Transactions integration and support processes include:

Assess & Consult

  • Service requirements
  • Business case analysis
  • Technology evaluation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Pilot/Trials
  • Program Management
Plan & Design

  • Determine requirements
  • Volume Predictions network architecture

  • System Integration
  • System level test andvalidation
  • Application testing
  • Interoperability testing
Integration & Communication

  • System Integration
  • System level test and validation
  • Application testing
  • Interoperability testing

  • System level statistics
  • 24×7 System Support
  • Installation success rate

  • Collect & analyze performance data
  • Feedback into growth planning
  • Training

NewNet’s support team is available for on-site installations. Multi-site deployments with a mix of dial-up and IP services frequently benefit from NewNet’s field experts whose years of experience augment your team to accelerate deployment.

Training is also offered for your system management and technical team members. At comprehensive 5-day course covers all aspects of NewNet’s secure transaction transport resources.

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