VoltDelta provides a cloud based contact center solution to enable geographically distributed contact centers and remote agents with exceptional scalability, reliability and security.

Key components of VoltDelta’s Cloud Contact center include:


Automatic call distribution intelligently delivers calls and multichannel communications to distributed agents. Agents use the VoltDelta SmartStation desktop or third-party CRM integrations.

Voice Automation

Voice recognition provides automation with customer care benefits. VoltDelta’s experienced Voice User Interface (VUI) design team enables creative voice recognition solutions that include remembering an action from a previous call to more quickly resolve an issue without agent assistance. Personalization supported by database or CRM integration along with the ability to self-modify menus, prompts and dialogs cost effectively offers automated service that encourages engagement.

Call Recording

CompleteSpan call recording captures the customer journey between channels & agents as a unified call experience. A graphical interface makes it easy to view segments and transitions. Screen recording adds the agent’s perspective.


Primary Benefits


Voice, video, chat and social media are supported within VoltDelta’s cloud contact center.   Channels can be targeted to specific agents, or managers can blend channels with priority, allowing agents to handle a mix of voice and messaging within a unified desktop.


Customer Experience

Integration with CRM systems such as Oracle CX, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.com provide multichannel contextual awareness to empower agents with more knowledgeable care.   IVR features including remembering last action make voice self-service more efficient and effective.

Scalability and Reliability

An exceptionally robust infrastructure is tuned to support surge conditions for voice and messaging.   Reliability built upon a foundation of supporting massive call volumes ensures agent and automation service continuity with geographic redundancy.



A layers of defense strategy support’s VoltDelta’s independently audited PCI DSS and ISO 27000 compliance.

International Reach

Data centers in North America, United Kingdom and Germany provide cloud-based coverage for many areas of the globe.



Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD) enables remote multichannel contact centers and home agents.
Engaging speech recognition and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) answers every call.
Create automated outbound telephony-based message campaigns using a web interface.
Speech-enabled automated survey solution provides insight into customer sentiment.

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