Access Service Network 1000

Whether you are pursuing new customers in a rural environment or a new lower ARPU customer in an urban environment, minimizing your cost per subscriber while still delivering compelling user experiences is essential. NewNet Communication Technologies ASN 1000 is the lowest cost per subscriber solution, designed especially to meet the most challenging business cases.


Access Service Network 2000

Along with generating revenue by delivering full mobile broadband service, the ASN 2000 supports new business models that are now available for operators to pursue new revenue streams. Network and asset sharing offers operators a cost effective way to meet their operating challenges and offers an efficient way for operators to provide service to subscribers.


WAP 450 Series Access Point

NewNet Communication Technologies WAP 450 Access Point further expands the commercially proven, WiMAX solutions portfolio. The WAP 450 features NewNet flat IP architecture and optional peer-to-peer communication for fast handoffs and low latency. This allows Communication Service Providers to deploy a solution with a truly seamless, rich media experience for the end-user that is also optimized for mobility.


WAP 650 Series Access Point

NewNet Communication Technologies WAP 650 addresses user demand for high downlink as well as high uplink speed, even at the cell edge – using far fewer cell sites than a 2X2 MIMO compliant base station. WAP 650’s ability to maximize cover by reducing the need to add cells sites minimized CAPEX and OPEX.


CPEo 550

The outdoor CPEo 550 Series Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) lets Communication Service Providers (CSP) extend the coverage of critical broadband and Voice over IP (VoIP) services on WiMAX 802.16e networks, enhancing service to end-users in both urban areas and remote regions and reducing CSP network investment and support costs.


CPEi 825

NewNet’s CPEi 825 is a plug and play wireless broadband modem with integrated VoIP.  IP telephony converges with 4G wireless broadband data service in one convenient package.   The CPEi 825 series Customer Premises equipment (CPE) provides high-performing, orientation-free wireless broadband access to meet your end-users’ home networking needs including data & voice.


CPEi 885

The CPEi 885 WiMAX CPE includes a built-in Wi-Fi router in addition to ATA ports for Voice over IP (VoIP). TCPEi 885 includes all this technology in a unique ultra-thin form factor. Extensive market research went into the CPEi 885’s design to assure that this is a CPE that would enhance any home and allow CSPs to differentiate and profit from their infrastructure investments.


CPEi 890

The CPEi 890 for 2.5 GHz WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e) networks is NewNet Communication Technologies most powerful home networking device to date. This all-integrated data, voice and Wi-Fi desktop device provides users with a complete home communications and networking experience.

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