Kineto Added to Growing List of Partners

Posted on: September 24th, 2014 by NewNet

My blogging has grown a little scarce over these last few weeks as our team has been working around the clock signing partners and finalizing the new additions to our rcsConnect infrastructure., and I have been globe-trotting to meet with operators.

Today I’m pleased to announce our most recent partnership with California-based Kineto Wireless. NewPace’s rcsCloudConnect, our hosted RCS solution, is now powering Kineto’s Smart Comms Application ( – insert exact URL to product). You can read their announcement here:

Kineto is a key innovator and leading supplier of smart offload solutions for smartphones. Their solutions enable mobile operators to use existing Wi-Fi in subscriber’s homes and offices to offload mobile voice and data services, improve mobile coverage and offer competitive mobile VoIP services, as well as enable voice over LTE. Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application and hosted Smart Offload-as-a-Service, based on the 3GPP UMA/GAN standard, have been deployed by mobile operators around the world.

Kineto also provides Voice over LTE based on the VoLGA Forum specification which leverages the operator’s existing voice infrastructure to deliver a full-feature, cost-effective voice solution for LTE handsets. VoLGA lets operators protect their investment in the proven and expansive voice infrastructure while laying the foundation for a migration to IMS telephony.
Adding Kineto, to our growing list of partners is a testament to the interoperability of the NewPace rcsConnect infrastructure and the interest of operators in RCS. Our persistent goal is to provide mobile operators with the ability to integrate the rcsConnect infrastructure with a wide selection of technology providers satisfying needs of mobile operator, handset manufacturer and consumer simultaneously.

This partnership with Kineto further increases our customer outreach and business growth opportunities for NewPace. In addition, the seamless client integration we are able to provide with a growing list of partners continues to validate our solution.

The upcoming weeks at NewPace will be very exciting as we have many anticipated announcements regarding partnerships and product announcements to share.


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