Skyview Capital’s NewNet Secure Transactions announces Crypto Currency and Bitcoin Payment Transaction capabilities in Cloud

Posted on: November 2nd, 2021 by NewNet

Industry First Secure Payment Routing Application in Cloud facilitates Crypto Currency transactions for Providers

CHICAGO, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NewNet Secure Transactions (NST) is developing innovative payment systems which offer secure crypto currency routing, transfer, translation and conversion capabilities for crypto payment transaction providers.

Krishna Viswanadham, President of NewNet Secure Transactions says, “We are excited by this initiative to offer NewNet’s industry leading cloud based Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) application and on-premises payment routing systems to accept, aggregate and securely route Cryptocurrency payments. This solution can be used by banks, digital wallets, crypto exchanges, Fintechs, and PayFacs and holds a huge potential for future as the world emerges to the CBDC payments driven by respective central banks.”

“NewNet’s STC is currently deployed by leading Acquirers, Processors, FinTechs.  NewNet has partnered with the leading Cloud Service Providers for transformation and cloud migration of payment providers world over”

Matt Thompson, SVP of Skyview Capital, which owns NewNet Secure Transactions says, “We are very excited by the emerging crypto economy. NewNet Secure Transactions is an industry leader in providing solutions for acquiring and processing of global digital payments. We see huge potential in applying our secure digital payments solutions experience towards crypto payments.”

Alex Nascimento, UCLA Blockchain Faculty & Managing Director at 7CC Blockchain Investments says, “I am excited to see institutional financial solution providers like NewNet servicing the crypto industry. We are firm believers that institutional adoption of crypto is the catalyst for mass adoption of digital assets and tools like cloud-based securely routed crypto payments will continue to facilitate the adoption of crypto by Banks, Governments and other traditional institutions.”

NST’s Cryptocurrency payment solution offering will include the following functionality:

  • Route and Transport Cryptocurrency payments
  • Acquiring solution for crypto payments from Wallets at POS, Web/Mobile purchases
  • Concurrent handling of fiat currency and cryptocurrency payments
  • Intelligent routing of cryptocurrency payment to targeted exchanges/service providers
  • Enabling acquirers/processors to allow merchants to accept cryptocurrencies for payments
  • Solution for acquirers/processors to interconnect with cryptocurrency exchanges for real time conversion to fiat currencies

NewNet serves some of the largest payment companies in the world and sees a vital opportunity to expand the solution functionality to offer crypto payment capabilities.

The firm plans on initiating trials with prospects and deploying Cryptocurrency payment capabilities in early 2022.

About NewNet Secure Transactions
NewNet Secure Transactions (NST) offers secure Payment transaction routing, switching, transport solutions. NewNet’s payment systems powers over 25% of all global payment card and digital transactions, worldwide. NST’s latest solution, Secure Transaction Cloud (STC), offers virtualized secure payment applications for transaction transport in cloud with specific Virtual Network Functions for Security, Transaction protocols, P2PE, Tokenization, Host Interfaces, Load Balancing etc with PCI compliant HSMs. STC supports a wide range of payment types including Internet payments, mobile payments, POS/mPOS based transactions and variety of eCommerce, mCommerce payments and enables multiple payment options including Cryptocurrencies, and newer credit offerings with Buy Now Pay Later etc.

More information is available at

NewNet is a portfolio company of Skyview Capital

For more information, contact:
Devarajan Puthupparambil
VP, Products & Operations NewNet Secure Payment Transactions  
1 847 977 9099

SOURCE NewNet Secure Transactions

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Skyview Capital’s NewNet Communication Technologies to sell its RCS Business to Samsung

Posted on: March 19th, 2019 by NewNet

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SEOUL, Korea & MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – November 15, 2016 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Samsung”) today announced its acquisition of NewNet Communication Technologies’ RCS Business (now being operated as “NewPace”) a leading provider of Rich Communication Services (RCS) infrastructure and services. NewNet Communication Technologies, BV is a portfolio company of global private investment firm Skyview Capital. The acquisition reinforces Samsung’s commitment to RCS as mobile networks transition to all IP-based networks and services.

Founded in 2009 as NewPace Technology Development Inc., the RCS Business provides Software Development, Systems Operations, and Applications support to a world-wide base of customers. Having developed large-scale VoIP offerings and implemented global Instant Messaging products, the NewPace team has substantial experience in telecommunications development and operations, and services a wide variety of global clients with tenured expertise in delivering robust, high availability and scalable telecom solutions.

“We have enjoyed working with the RCS team during a time of significant transition within the industry,” said Alex Soltani, Chairman and CEO of Skyview Capital. “This transaction is a testament to our investment thesis of identifying best in class technologies and transforming them into highly strategic platforms within the markets they serve. We hope for continued success under Samsung’s ownership.”

About Skyview Capital
Skyview Capital is a global private investment firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California, which specializes in the acquisition and management of mission critical enterprises in the areas of technology, telecommunications, business services and manufacturing. By leveraging its operational resources and financial acumen, Skyview systematically enhances the long-term sustainable value of the businesses it acquires. To date, Skyview has successfully completed over 25 transactions within its target market verticals. Visit

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The Company is redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LED solutions. For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at

About NewNet Communication Technologies, BV
NewNet Communication Technologies, BV provides next generation mobile technology solutions. The company offers mobile messaging, secure transaction processing, interactive voice response, real time charging and rating, and broadband wireless and network optimization solutions. Additionally, it provides product and custom application development, installation, training, and network engineering and management services. NewNet Communication Technologies BV is a wholly owned portfolio company of Skyview Capital. Visit

For additional information, please contact Shrikar Kasturi at (214) 797-8623 or via email at

Samsung Acquires Rich Communications Services Business from Skyview Capital’s NewNet Communication Technologies

Posted on: March 19th, 2019 by NewNet

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Samsung Electronics today announced its acquisition of NewNet Communication Technologies (Canada), Inc. (“NewNet Canada”), a company operating Rich Communications Services (RCS) business within NewNet Communication Technologies. Previously known as NewPace prior to its acquisition by NewNet Communication Technologies, the company is a leading provider of RCS infrastructure and services. The acquisition reinforces Samsung’s commitment to RCS as mobile networks transition to IP-based networks and services.

This acquisition is a critical milestone not just for Samsung but also for the communications industry. As an end-to-end GSMA-compliant RCS solution, it will accelerate the deployment of RCS-enabled networks, providing consumers with a ubiquitous standards-based messaging and communications platform. The acquisition will also enable Samsung to offer interoperable server solutions for mobile operators that do not already have their own RCS infrastructure. By driving significant value for operators and consumers, the mobile communications market can benefit from the broader communications ecosystem.

Consumers will benefit from an advanced messaging experience with features such as enhanced calling, group chat, and the ability to easily share and transfer large files including multimedia and high-resolution photos. Unlike other messaging apps in the market, users will be able to communicate on any network, with an RCS-enabled device as well as SMS-only devices.

NewNet Canada, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, will continue to operate independently under the existing leadership of Brent Newsome and Gavin Murphy as a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.

About NewNet Communication Technologies, BV
NewNet Communication Technologies, BV provides next generation mobile technology solutions. The company offers mobile messaging, secure transaction processing, interactive voice response, real time charging and rating, and broadband wireless and network optimization solutions. Additionally, it provides product and custom application development, installation, training, and network engineering and management services. NewNet Communication Technologies BV is a wholly owned portfolio company of Skyview Capital. Visit

NewNet Communication Technologies: Reimagining Communication with Innovative Telecom Solutions

Posted on: March 19th, 2019 by NewNet

Read original CIOReview article here:

The mobile communications market is witnessing a paradigm shift towards ‘cloudification’, and highly scalable Software-as-a-Service solutions to lower total cost of ownership, and to future-proof operator revenues by launching new, richer unified services quicker. This shift is not only marked by delivery of new emerging IP communication technologies but also by the supporting services that consolidate legacy SS7 based service capabilities. Set against the backdrop of dynamic mobile communications market is NewNet Communication Technologies (NewNet), a provider of innovative solutions for next generation mobile technologies, enables operators to build, manage, and deploy cost efficient SMS, MMS, and RCS systems. “Our product portfolio covers virtual instances of SMS, MMS, VoWIFI, WebRTC and IP messaging solutions,” asserts Brent Newsome, VP of Business Development, NewNet Messaging. Offering on-premise as well as cloud deployment options, the company provides its customers the flexibility to invest in their networks using either CAPEX or OPEX business models.

As part of its mobile communications solution, NewNet offers four software-based products for Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s), Inter-Carriers, and telecommunication providers that can be deployed in an integrated virtual environment. The company’s Rich Communication Service (RCS) including voice over WiFi, Video over WiFi, WebRTC, IP Messaging, and media sharing empowers operators to build subscriber loyalty and seamless transition to IP LTE Networks. NewNet’s enhanced SMS comes with a scalable support for application-to-person promotional messages, person-to-application checking balance and machine-to-machine system updates to further boost revenue. To ensure loss prevention and monitor deviations in SMS/MMS revenue stream, the company offers SMS Firewalls and Anti Virus solutions, increasing transparency of application traffic within networks. The mobile communications also offer high performance multimedia messaging (MMS) with transcoding, campaign management, and ability to track viral sharing. Additionally, NewNet provides SS7 and SIP Middleware for mission critical nodes.

The company has recently ported and validated its mobile communications software to three Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platforms enabling operators to seamlessly migrate from customized hardware solutions to a virtualized world and boost TCO. “We have been able to transform our messaging products to a software only offering that can be deployed in a virtualized manner, with ongoing new VAS feature commitment,” asserts Newsome. “In our Mobile Communications division, we build on a 10-year old strong partner network with worldwide reach.” Moreover, the company also focuses on providing cloud contact center solution; VoltDelta offers scalability, reliability, and security for distributed contact centers and remote agents. “With best integration into Oracle, we are not moving premise into cloud, we were born in the cloud,” says Ben Miller, SVP, American Sales, NewNet VoltDelta.

An interesting instance happened at the Mobile World Congress show when one of NewNet’s OEM handset customers used its RCS platform to develop latest software with new features. The client had implemented the platform well beyond the RCS specifications without any help or support from NewNet. “The thing that surpassed our expectations was that they had been developing this over several months, and demonstrated the new version at the world’s largest mobile trade show from our platform without us even knowing,” elucidates Newsome.
NewNet’s growth lies in mobile operators’ transition to all IP mobile networks and eliminate traditional circuit switched infrastructure. “We view our RCS and WebRTC platforms as enablers of this new infrastructure for both mobile services such as IP based messaging, and call center infrastructure,” concludes Newsome.

Skyview Capital Builds Portfolio to Enable Telecom and Software Growth

Posted on: March 19th, 2019 by NewNet

By Rachel Ramsey, TMCnet Web Editor

Despite the gloomy economy for the past few years, there are some industries that have seen immense growth, innovation and development. Take telecom, for example. More than $80 billion in telecommunications and cable transactions have been completed this year, including ones from DISH, SoftBank, Vodafone andVerizon (News – Alert).

“Companies are looking to grow through acquisition as demand slows for wireless and Internet services, and they’re seeking scale so they can afford to build the high-speed networks necessary for the latest mobile and video offerings,” a recentBloomberg (News – Alert) article said.

Skyview Capital, a privately held investment firm that specializes in the acquisition and continuous management of mission-critical enterprises, has built an expertise in carve-out transactions, particularly in the telecom and software sectors, and is actively looking for additional businesses to invest in.

This year, Skyview has definitely kept itself busy. In July it acquired the Mimio online education business from Newell Rubbermaid, which offers interactive teaching technologies to increase effectiveness and engagement in K–12 classrooms. It also acquired Interact Inc. earlier this year, a provider of interactive voices response (IVR) platforms and hosted IVR systems to help improve global communications, and theTekelec (News – Alert) Mobile Messaging business.
Alex Soltani, chairman of Skyview Capital, said, “Skyview Capital has built up a strong reputation, performing carve out and buyout transactions. We have a team of operating professionals, who work with the management teams to stabilize and grow the acquired businesses.”

In addition to 2013’s acquisitions, Skyview’s current and previous portfolio includes Aserdiv, Collins Communications, Fastech Integrated Solutions (News – Alert), NewNet Communication Technologies, Ixilix, Solvport, PAS Technologies and Transcend Communications (News – Alert).  Skyview was recently honored by The Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the Top-25 LA-based private equity firms.

“At Skyview, we strive to create long-term sustainable value within the enterprises we acquire, by providing them the highest level of financial resources and operational acumen necessary to realize and achieve their full business potential. Our investment principles are driven strictly by growth – organic growth, growth through acquisition, and specifically growth through our partnerships with talented executives,” Soltani said.

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