Globokas Selects NewNet Communication Technologies Secure Payment Transaction Solutions

Posted on: March 19th, 2019 by NewNet

Globokas deploys NewNet’s AG1000 Secure Transaction Solution to Enhance POS Data Transport Performance and Security

Chicago, IL July 14, 2015 — Globokas, a subsidiary of GTV GlobokasNet LLC., recently selected NewNet Communication Technologies AccessGuard 1000 (AG1000) for secure transaction transport of their IP POS, HTTP transactions, and TLS transactions. The AG1000 upgrades Globokas’s payment processing with high performance IP-based transport for Point of Sale systems along with enhanced network management.

The AG1000 provides best in class security with TLS 1.2 support for mobile and broadband IP payment transaction transport and routing.   Traditional IP POS transactions along with HTTPS transactions for e-commerce and m-commerce payments are covered within a single device.   This combination ensures the ability to meet current requirements as well as the emerging transaction needs of tomorrow, thus safeguarding payment system infrastructure investments.
“The AG1000 provides Globokas with POS transport security and capacity to better serve our customers now and into the future,” said Jorge Ríos, CIO of Globokas. “The exceptional service and support provided by NewNet in deploying the AG1000 allowed us to rapidly transition from a legacy system with a cost effective solution that enhances throughput and management.”

The AG1000 offers a powerful range of transaction transport, protocol handling, advanced security, network routing and internet payment handling in a compact rack mount, installed within secure network facilities. These features enable Globokas to offer integrated services for IP, GPRS, and Wireless POS together with e-commerce transactions with a unified and easy to manage system. Load balancing and hardware security acceleration functions work to ensure performance under all traffic conditions.

“NewNet’s exceptional combination of payment transaction network technology and experienced customer support ensured integration with existing systems and rapid deployment for Globokas,” said T.K. Cheung, President of NewNet’s Secure Transactions Division. “The AG1000 provides additional insight into performance metrics, significantly upgrades POS transaction transport performance, and allows Globokas to incrementally expand their network as they grow.”

About Globokas
GLOBOKAS PERU SAC. is a subsidiary of GTV GlobokasNet LLC., which is headquartered in Maryland, U.S.A. It was founded in Peru, in 2007, to extend the presence and coverage of financial and business institutions at the national level.. To learn more, visit

About NewNet Communication Technologies Secure Transactions
NewNet Communication Technologies’ Secure Transaction offerings includes Dial and IP transaction transport systems consisting of Total Control STG and AG1000 along with the latest TransKrypt™ Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) payment security for terminal line encryption and tokenization.

About NewNet Communication Technologies
NewNet is a premier global provider of next generation mobile technology solutions offering over 25 years of expertise across four businesses: Mobile Messaging, Secure Transactions, Interactive Voice Communications and Broadband Wireless. Dedicated to innovation, NewNet provides operators and enterprises with a broad range of solutions that optimize global communication opportunities. NewNet solutions are available in a variety of applications including on-site, hosted, cloud and managed solutions. For more information about NewNet and its businesses, visit

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