Nimblevox Cloud-based IVR Solutions Launches in Australia with Partner OfficeHQ

Posted on: March 19th, 2019 by NewNet

Inbound and outbound IVR available with OfficeHQ’s virtual receptionist solutions

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA (PRWEB) MAY 24, 2016 — NewNet, a leading provider of cloud-based inbound and outbound IVR solutions with ringless voicemail announced today the launch of Nimblevox Australia. NewNet’s Australian partner OfficeHQ will offer hosted outbound calling with ringless voicemail, inbound IVR with the Nimblevox Build service creation tool, and other customer care services supporting proactive engagement and cost effective customer care.
Nimblevox makes it easy to create IVR solutions with a graphical VoiceXML-based tool to guide callers to the appropriate destination, provide around the clock answers to questions using speech recognition, offer automated voice surveys and more. Robust outbound dialing with ringless voicemail and speech automation powered by Lumenvox software facilitate proactive outreach over the telephone to unobtrusively leave messages that tend to stand out over alternatives such as email.
“LumenVox is pleased to have NewNet as a partner who provides affordable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions,” said Edward Miller, CEO, LumenVox. “OfficeHQ partnered with NewNet and LumenVox to build a highly scalable, efficient, and effective cloud-based speech application to enhance the user experience for retail customers.”
“Our cloud-based automated customer care resources are an excellent complement to OfficeHQ’s virtual receptionist services,” said Kutluk Uslu, Business Unit President. “OfficeHQ’s ability to provide Nimblevox IVR in Australia allows customers in that region to take advantage of additional features for 24×7 over the telephone support and outbound calling in a pay per use model.”
The Nimblevox solution was tailored for the Australian market with features such as inclusion of Australia’s 11 time zones, bill tracking in Australian dollars and reporting features.
“OfficeHQ has been offering Nimblevox IVR as a value-added feature to our range of call answering services since 2009,” said David Atkinson, Managing Director and CEO for OfficeHQ. “Our ability to now offer Nimblevox IVR as a hosted resource within Australia represents a unique and powerful offering in our market, providing cost effective differentiation from our competitors and engaging automation for our customers.”

About LumenVox
LumenVox is a speech automation software company providing core speech technologies that include the LumenVox Speech Recognizer, Text-to-Speech Engine, Call Progress Analysis, Speech Tuner, and natural language solution support. Based on industry standards, LumenVox Speech Software is certified as one of the most accurate, natural sounding, and reliable solutions in the industry. LumenVox technology provides tools for effectively connecting and communicating with users, increasing user satisfaction, and improving employee productivity. For more information, call +1.858.707.7700 or visit

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About Nimblevox
Nimblevox provides a cost-effective Cloud Communications platform for rapid deployment of inbound and outbound IVR applications. The Nimblevox Build service creation tool offers a graphical user interface for drag and drop creation of VoiceXML-based applications for inbound call automation and outbound notifications. Proactive outreach for alerts, appointment reminders and automated marketing campaigns are efficiently scheduled and launched with Nimblevox Blast. A Ringless Voicemail feature enhances effectiveness and customer experience by avoiding interruptions and allowing the called party to listen to a message at their convenience. For more information please visit

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