Parlacom Partners with NewNet for Payment Infrastructure with Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) Payment routing application

Posted on: June 18th, 2018 by NewNet



Parlacom has signed a commercial and technological agreement with NewNet, further to the pioneering launch of STC (Secure Transaction Cloud), a virtualized system for transmission and processing of payment transactions. Through Parlacom’s secure M2M network, SIM cards from any Carrier can now communicate securely from POS (payment terminal) to Acquirers in the financial system.

One of the biggest challenges in the market is the ability to offer new security mechanisms coupled with the agility of systems operating in the cloud and, consequently, eliminating high infrastructure costs. The Central Bank of Brazil has just published Resolution No. 4.658, which deals with cybersecurity policy and the requirements for contracting data processing and storage services and cloud computing services.

In a secure network and in compliance with PCI rules, payment companies now have a complete and approved platform.

According to Clóvis Lacerda, CEO of Parlacom, “Payment and financing companies can quickly expand service offerings with more agility, security and lower costs, as they will no longer need costly infrastructure, dramatically reducing ROI.”

This has been a growing demand in an increasingly competitive market, where start-ups are causing strong disruption of the most traditional models in the industry.

“The integration of the M2M platform of Parlacom with our STC application offers the complete solution. It connects the end points of a financial transaction, from the equipment operating a SIM card protected through secure connections until the final transaction authorization with the financial services systems,” said Devarajan Puthupparambil, Head of Business, NewNet’s Secure Transactions. “We are excited to partner with Parlacom to offer this secure, scalable solution.

TRANSACT 2018 in Las Vegas has shown the industry’s irreversible path in pursuit of safe and secure mechanisms, where “tokenization” and blockchain are at the forefront of expert discussions. Virtualizing this ecosystem of payment systems will respond to the demands of an increasingly complex market, where deployment speed, lower costs and faster ROI will make the competitive difference and NewNet’s STC offers a leading example of this, enabling Parlacom to deploy services with advanced solution capabilities.


About Parlacom

Parlacom, one of the largest M2M companies in Brazil, offers global M2M and IoT solutions to technology companies. Its platform is integrated with all the Brazilian operators, processing more than 1 million SIM cards from hundreds of companies in Brazil and abroad.

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About NewNet Communication Technologies

NewNet Communication Technologies is a leading provider of innovative communication and payment solutions. NewNet’s global customer base includes next generation mobile and fixed line networks, secure transaction transport, enabling global telecom operators, acquirers, processors, financial institutions and enterprises to rapidly develop and deploy cutting edge revenue generating applications that deliver feature-rich, value added services. NewNet Secure Transactions (NST) BU offers secure Payment transaction routing, switching, transport solutions. NewNet’s payment systems powers over 25% of all global payment card and digital transactions, worldwide. NST’s latest solution of Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) offers virtualized secure payment applications for transaction transport in cloud with specific Virtual Network Functions for Security, Transaction protocols, P2PE, Tokenization, Host Interfaces, Load Balancing etc. for a wide range of payment types including Internet payments, mobile payments, POS/mPOS based transactions and variety of eCommerce, mCommerce payments with PCI compliant HSMs. More information is available at

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