Broadband Wireless Infrastructure

The Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) is a 4G technology standard for wireless networking.  WiMax is used by service providers to complement Edge, 3G and 4G LTE with 1,000 meters of coverage from a single tower for 802.16e service.   WiMax Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is also available for home and office internet service.

Examples include:

  • Access Points – Broadband base controller units provide rural, suburban and urban coverage via antenna ports to support thousands of subscribers.
  • Access Service Network Gateways – High capacity carrier-based WiMax systems capable of multiple Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
  • CPE – Customer Premise Equipment for the home and office supports data, voice and WiFi in compact appliances.

Key Benefits


High receive sensitivity allows carrier and mobile operators to achieve significant WiMax coverage with fewer access points deployed.



“No touch” software upgrades make it easy to keep systems performing at optimal levels with electronically pushed software updates.


Capacity to Scale Up or Down

Support large numbers of subscribers with compact data center systems that will scale for surge WiMax conditions, or can economically support a small group of subscribers.


Quality of Data Service

Cost-effective solution especially for rural, campus and smart meter applications.


Ease of use

Plug and play home networking appliances consolidate data, voice and WiFi with built-in firewalls for security.

What to Look for

Broadband Wireless Infrastructure: WiMax carrier and CPE solutions are provided by NewNet WiMax.

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