Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS)

Sharing documents, files, photos and more between PC’s, tablets, smartphones and mobile devices is enabled by EFSS.   Storage and security benefits enable enterprises to encourage collaboration and mobility.

Examples include:

enterprise file
  • Hybrid Model – User and device authentication, security, and search facilities are implemented in the cloud, while document, data and photos can be stored on premise or within other secure locations.
  • Policy Management – Features to define rights to specific documents and collaboration access at user and group levels. External sharing, location and device access policies are also options
  • Security – Single sign-on with Active Directory and other authentication systems with two-factor authentication and encryption.

What to Look For


Keeping critical information secure while facilitating collaboration across regions is a growing challenge.   Look for EFSS solutions with a range of authentication and data encryption features including remote wipe of devices, user accounts and folders.


Policies and Control

Management perspective of file sharing is one of the key advantages over free public alternatives.   Look for management benefits that make it easy to provision access by device, location, group and more.


The ability to support a broad base of users while managing available resources is required.  Look for EFSS solutions that facilitate management of groups as well as users, application of rules such as storage quotas and bandwidth throttling, and support functions to make it easy to restore files and push configuration settings.


A perspective of usage helps identify success and areas of opportunity.  Look for graphical reporting tools that enable audit by user, device, folder and files as well as a broader view of storage availability and seats being used.



The data repository is the foundation of a capable EFSS system.   Look for solutions with exceptional data resiliency SLA’s, global de-duplication of files and flexibility to support cloud, premise or a combination of data storage options.

Enterprise File Sharing: Secure file sharing and storage is provided by Syncplicity.

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