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Nimblevox provides Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions for inbound customer care and outbound automated alerts.

Nimblevox provides a cost-effective Cloud Communications platform for rapid deployment of voice and SMS applications. The Nimblevox Build service creation tool offers a graphical user interface for drag and drop creation of VoiceXML-based applications for inbound call automation and outbound notifications.

Proactive outreach for alerts, appointment reminders and automated marketing campaigns are efficiently scheduled and launched with Nimblevox Blast. A Ringless Voicemail feature enhances effectiveness and customer experience by avoiding interruptions and allowing the called party to listen to a message at their convenience.

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  • Rapid Deployment – Create and deploy voice and messaging applications with drag and drop service creation and cloud-based telephony support.
  • Efficiency – Pay per used hosted inbound and outbound calling with scalability for all call volumes.
  • Automate Outreach – Cut through the clutter of email with automated outbound calling including customized messages for answering machines and throttling for agent availability.
  • Proactive Effectiveness – Add a new method for reaching a customer base with Ringless Voicemail.
  • Insight – Reporting provides real-time updates on inbound statistics and progress of outbound call campaigns.

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