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Invigorate is a real-time convergent subscriber billing system for Telecommunication Carriers, Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s)

Invigorate is real-time rating and charging system engineered to meet the needs of operators in today’s ever changing and competitive environment. Invigorate provides a unified view of subscriber purchasing behavior with a web-based central point of control console. In addition, this modular solution is based on open standards to enable flexible and cost-effective implementation. Invigorate’s Customer Care web portal allows customer service representatives to view subscriber account history, as well as modify subscriber account details, adjust balances, view usage and recharge history. A subscriber self-care portal allows subscribers to manage and update their accounts. Invigorate enables service providers to quickly package, promote, and discount services based upon a customer’s unique preferences, while simultaneously encouraging the use of additional revenue-generating applications.

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  • Real-time Rating & Discounting – Invigorate performs explicit operator-defined rating instructions with rating features such as offers, promotions, bundles, and “joined account” rating.
  • Rate Management – Create sophisticated charging and discounting models via a Graphical User Interface. Rate packages can be uploaded and verified prior to deployment.
  • Tariff Modify – Invigorate provides flexibility for service providers by making it easy to modify tariffs. An infinitely configurable rate management system also allows service providers to experiment with different service value concepts.
  • Bill Shock Prevention – Event routing allow operators to send personalized notifications in real-time for usage notifications, as well as diversions, call capping, and real-time.
  • Adjunct Rating – Invigorate provides adjunct rating for promotions, advanced rating features, subscriber funds, enhanced discounts, and more.

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