Transaction Routing and Transport

NewNet Secure Transaction Routing and Transport solutions deliver secure transaction routing and transport from consumer initiated devices and tokenization of cardholder data. Reliable and scalable transaction transport, switching and routing systems ensure the security of transaction data originating from consumer initiated devices flowing through the public dial, broadband and mobile networks around the world. NewNet Secure Transaction Routing and Transport delivers to the FinTech, Healthcare, EBT, and Education sectors.

Examples Include:

  • IP Transaction Routing – HTTPS & SSL transaction routing, SSL acceleration, and load balancing for all volumes and mobile / IP transactions with security and reliability.
  • Dial-up Transaction Routing – POS systems and ATM networks linked with authorization servers via telephony require secure and reliable transaction transport with efficiency such as fast-train modem support to speed transaction processing.
  • Encryption – Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) secure transaction transport between POS systems and host servers enhances security for IP and dial-up POS systems. Bi-directional encryption including authorization response from the Host server to the consumer initiated device ensures high security.

Key Benefits


Secure tunnels between endpoints with appropriate compliance features.


Risk Management

Avoid transporting sensitive consumer data and other detail through the use of tokenization which replaces at-risk data with surrogate values.



Offloading the high volume processing of TSL, SSL, and encryption from host systems with load balancing enhances overall performance.

IP and Dial-up

Support mixed processing environments and support the migration to IP and the cloud with transaction routing and transport systems optimizing IP and telephony.


Small footprint stackable systems supporting virtualization deliver cost-effective secure transaction routing and transport.

What to Look for

POS Transaction Transport: Secure payment processing transport solutions are provided by NewNet Secure Transactions.

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