Virtual Contact Center

“Virtual” refers to a hosted model where the hardware, software and management of a system is in the cloud, hosted by a 3rd party usually in secure and redundant data centers.

virtual contact center

Primary components of a Virtual Contact Center environment includes:

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to get calls, email, chat, and other forms of communication to agents located anywhere there is an IP or TDM link
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for touchtone and/or speech recognition automation
  • Call Recording to capture the voice of the customer

Key Benefits

Cost savings

Pay per use with no capital expenditure also means that you avoid hardware obsolescence and maintenance fees.

Business Agility

Locate agents anywhere there is an IP or telephony connection for remote contact centers and home agents.


Flexibly scale for surges and seasonality without having to maintain hardware on your site that might only be used occasionally.


Uptime monitoring 7×24 by experts utilizing predictive analytics along with data center redundancy to ensure uptime.


Layers of defense spanning physical access, data management, networking and more with PCI validation mitigate threats.

What to Look for

Virtual Contact Center: Virtual contact center solutions are provided by VoltDelta.

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