The NewNet Technical Service Center has a highly responsive, 24 x 7 support team with resources in the US, CALA, Europe, APAC and India. NewNet’s technical professionals provide on-site services, which include product integration, product installation, on-site training and certification testing. Staffed by subject matter experts, NewNet’s Customer Engineering and Consulting Services team provides professional customer support services in the following areas:

Please view our “service guides” for details.

In order to best provide Customer Support, please see contact information below:

US Toll-Free Number: +1 877.735.6162 (click link below to view supported countries)
International UFIN Number: +800.6666.2010 (local country code may apply)

Email: wimaxsupport@newnet.com for WiMAX products
support@newnet.com for all other NewNet products


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