Wake-up call for the Industry is good for operators

Posted on: November 3rd, 2015 by NewNet

Google has reach. 82% of the smartphones on the planet run Android and 67% of tablets run Android. One of the most maddening things NewNet has experienced as it deploys RCS is the inconsistent and fractured nature of the RCS implementations we’ve seen by the handset manufacturers, the network equipment vendors, and by the downloadable client developers. Through shear market dominance Google should be able to bring a level of technical discipline, adherence to standards and engineering excellence through its ubiquitous presence and legacy of engineering excellence.

This is good for operators as it should mean an end to the continuous test-fests, debugging and wire shark traces followed by bug fixes (and the rinse, lather repeat cycle) that have dominated the implementation cycles of RCS technology to date. Once integrated it will mean rapid deployment.

There are Other Hosted Solutions. NewPace (now a NewNet division) foresaw the need for smaller operators to have a hosted solution for their IP communications infrastructure, so did Jibe. Both companies have advocated and deployed cloud solutions that empower smaller operators to launch faster and smarter in order to accelerate technology adoption. There were also 16 other competitors who tried a hosted product offering including InterOp, OpenMind, Infinite Convergence, Ericsson.

NewPace & NewNet were the first in the industry to have an accredited hosted (“cloud”) solution, and it is still available to operators, this will not change.

If there is an industry threat from Google it is to traditional network infrastructure vendors who have done the RCS ecosystem a huge disservice by delivering poor quality RCS implementations at a snail’s pace. These vendors should ask themselves honestly how much more slide-ware and hand waving they are going to put in front of their customers when there is a credible alternative in Google. This is the true wake-up call for the industry.

Brent Newsome- Vice President Business Development

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