Secure Payment Transactions

NewNet Secure Payment Transactions solutions delivers secure transaction transport from dial-up and IP-based Point Of Sale (POS), eCommerce, and mobile payment points to processing servers.

Key components of Secure Payment Transactions include:

Virtualized Payment Application

Virtualized secure payment application for high speed and high performance transaction routing, switching and transport functions for mobile/IP POS/POI, mPOS/smartPOS, ecommerce/mcommerce and internet/mobile internet based payment transactions, designed for deployment in virtualized datacenters or cloud based infrastructure along with virtualized HSM for highest security.

Transaction Gateway Servers

Reliable and scalable transaction transport, switching and routing systems to enable fast transaction processing of credit card authorizations, debit card fund transfers, health benefit authorizations, electronic benefits transfers, and other communications.

Encryption Servers

Decryption of encrypted data from POS terminals/payment devices, certificate verification of client POS devices’ certificates, and tokenization of cardholder data are provided for ensuring the security of payment transaction data originating from millions of payment initiating devices flowing through the public dial, broadband and mobile networks around the world.

Accounting and Network Management Software

Real-time reporting and management for transport and security systems handling data between payment points and processing servers.  Also includes the ability to track data for billing and auditing.

NewNet Secure Payment Transactions

Primary Benefits

Protocol Consolidation

Single system solution for HTTPS & TLS/SSL transaction routing, TLS/SSL and encryption acceleration, and load balancing.



PCI-DSS certified confidence with Layer 7 routing for payment transport, tokenization,  and  DUKPT processing with FIPS compliant HSM.



Very high density in a small footprint for IP and Dial-up transaction transport with hardware-based cryptography and TLS/SSL acceleration. “Fast Train” connectivity for Dial-up POS systems.



Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) support for resiliency with cluster-based redundancy management.  Round robin, host load-based, and host response-based load balancing.



On-site deployment assistance with integration to a wide variety of systems along with the expertise and willingness to customize to meet specific requirements.


Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) System– Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) solutions offer NFV based virtualized secure payment applications with specific Virtual Networks Functions (VNF) for security (TLS, IPsec, SSH, HTTPS), transaction protocols (ISO8583, TPDU, VISA, XML), P2PE, Tokenization, Host Interfaces, Load Balancing etc.  The virtualized capabilities allows the solution to support the full plethora of payments including internet payments, mobile payments, POS based transactions which are IP/Mobile access based and all forms of ecommerce and mcommerce payments with PCI standards compliant security utilizing HSMs.

AccessGuard 1000 –2U server providing transaction transport, security off-loading and network routing for millions of mobile or broadband IP based POS transactions and m-commerce, mobile wallet and e-commerce payments. Is compatible with currently deployed Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals.

Total Control STG – 2U server providing transaction transport, security off-loading and network routing for millions of Dial-up based POS transactions, credit card authorizations, debit card fund transfers, health benefit authorizations, electronic benefits transfers, and other communications. Supports the handling of SIP trunks with the ability to route the transaction traffic originating from regular PSTN based POS terminals.

TransKrypt – 2U server providing hardware accelerated P2PE security for supporting data decryption of encrypted data from POS terminals. Secure cryptographic devices used for cryptographic key management functions and/or the decryption of account data are host/hardware security modules (HSMs), which are approved and configured to FIPS140-2 (levels 2 & 3).

Common Element Manager – Windows/Linux -based software solution delivering a real-time graphical interface for system wide basis, transaction statistics, traffic analysis, system components monitoring, offered load and transaction route data.

AccessView Accounting Server – Windows-based software reporting provides aggregates data for billing while providing operators with insight into customer usage patterns.  Per transaction detail delivers granularity to track performance statistics and support offline analysis for applications such as fraud detection.

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