NewNet works with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver a full suite of cloud-based payment transport and routing applications.

Businesses in payment and technology industries that leverage Cloud Service Providers require secure transaction routing, load balancing, P2PE, and rapid deployment of applications. In response to this need for higher security, faster switching, better uptime and lower ongoing costs, NewNet has evolved traditional hardware delivery to virtualized applications.

Boost performance, cut costs and drive innovation. Securely manage transaction routing and transport in the cloud, on-premises, or a combination.

The result is Secure Transaction Cloud (“STC”), a software suite of market-leading switching, routing and virtualized HSM technologies that eliminate the need for on-premise hardware.

Curious about how we can solve your business challenges?  Check out our sophisticated banking and financial services products delivered in partnership with AWS.

As a technology provider to FinTech enterprises and the payments ecosystem, NewNet offers vast experience in delivering global technology and payments infrastructure products while advancing server-based, on-premise hardware products to virtualized solutions. This allows payment and technology businesses to avoid large capital investments in traditional data center build-outs, eliminate transaction-based fee billing, reduce the cost of compliance and expedite new application deployments.

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