Total Control® STG (Secure Transaction Gateway) provides secure transaction transport between dial-up Point Of Sales (POS) transaction systems and payment processor authorization servers. Dial-up POS systems are linked with authorization servers capable of transporting millions of transactions per day with support for TPDU, ISO8583 and custom transaction protocols.


The Total Control STG is a high density transaction processing gateway that consolidates transaction protocol handling, transaction routing, high speed download, multiprotocol support and network routing within a compact rack-mounted system.

Key benefits include:


Technical Specifications

Total Control STG
Chassis Specifications
  • 2U Rack Servers, redundant units
  • WxHxD : 445x86x749 mm
  • WxHxD : 17.5×3.4×29.5 in
Port Density 8 E1s or T1s per Modem card per 1U Space
Capacity Expansion Expandable on need basis by adding extra 2U Rack servers for 8 E1-16 E1 modem cards
Transaction Protocols (End-User) Visa I/II, ISO 8583 (sync), TPDU routing, SDLC, HDLC, Asynchronous, Transparent, full or partial protocol emulation; custom variants for Terminal authentication, intelligent routing
Modem Support V.90,V.34,V.32, V.32bis,V.22,V.21,bell 103,Bell 212, ISDN V110,120, Async, SDLC
Ingress Protocol Dial-Up, PPP, Async/Sync, X.25 PAD
Egress Ports (WAN) IP, PPP, X.25
Radius Call Data Records for Reporting & Analytics CDRs generated per transaction
Time Synchronization NTP
Processor Dual processor with 4 cores, each @ 2.4GHz
Minimum IP Addresses Required Single system IP address required
Network Routing RIP, OSPF, BGP
Session Capacity Expansion  Expansion using SW licenses on same HW with no additional HW in units of E1/T1; additional Rack units for further expansion
Secure Remote Access Secure Shell (SSH)
Gigabit Ethernet Traffic Ports (SFP) Copper & Optical 4 GE ports
Multiple mode Load balancing Round robin, host load based, host response based
Software licensable Licensable SW features for HTTP transactions, IPSec, SSL
Redundancy/Failover VRRP Based active/standby or active/active model
Secure Internet & Future Mobile Transactions Readiness Add-on cryptographic processor for support of additional HW security with 3DES, AES 256



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