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Secure Transaction Routing and Transport

NewNet provides Secure Transaction Routing and Transport and SIP Trunking products to:

NewNet’s Total Control Secure Transaction Gateway (STG) connects transaction terminals to a host authorization system using TCP/IP and X.25 protocols, acting as a secure intermediary, it appears to appearing to Point of Sale (POS) initiation devices host.  STG is designed to ensure no single point of failure for maximum uptime and higher availability.  The system combines digital signaling processor (DSP) technology, secure transaction processing (switching and routing), and management software to provide fast, reliable connectivity using today’s most advanced communication technologies.

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SIP Trunking

Displace dependencies on legacy dial transport solutions with no impact to existing installed modem-based equipment.  Eliminate dial transactions fees for dial-enabled POS and ATM systems with NewNet’s sophisticated SIP Trunking solutions architected to maximize performance.

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5G IoT Mobile Payments

At blazing speeds of 20Gbps with millimeter wavelength, latency of 1 millisecond enabling several tens of billions of Mobile, IoT devices initiated payments, 5G promises to revitalize the payment industry in unprecedented ways in the years to come, and in a significant way in the domain of IoT, Mobile Payments. NewNet has over 3 decades in offering payment solutions for Telcos/MNOs for payment network services and transaction network services. We are leveraging 5G’s distributed computing models for Mobile payment routing, transport and secure network access, empowerment of connected devices for IoT Payments, and offering cloud native solutions for both edge and core cloud compute segments.

NewNet’s STC solution aims to offer a full-fledged digital transformation of payments in terms of super-fast and mobile device driven user experience, associated networking & security, and authentication & fraud handling. In the next step, it would be a normal extension to further stretch the payment frontiers to the usage of blockchain technologies for streamlining the authorization, settlement, and reconciliation functions and expand to AI usages for fraud prevention. STC in 5G Edge can rapidly process and complete the Mobile and IoT payment authorizations working in conjunction with STC in the Core Network Cloud via Network Exposure Function (NEF) of 5G’s Service Based Architecture (SBA). STC securely communicates with Card Networks and Issuer’s infrastructure which could be virtualized and supported in MNO’s distributed Cloud of 5G Network.

NewNet envisions several potential use cases to hold immense value for MNOs in Payments and FinTech industry based on closed loop models or open payment ecosystem centric models leveraging NewNet’s field proven cloud ready STC application for payments.
√ Carrier billed payments
√ Mobile wallet payments (generic wallets or own/specific wallets)
√ IoT payment routing & authorization
√ Tokenization for Mobile, IoT Payments
√ Specialized payment security with P2PE
√ Secure payment aggregation on the edge and backhaul service
√ Payment transaction network services for Banks, Acquirers, Processors
√ Payment acquiring, processing, issuing for mobile, web payments

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Whitepaper – 5G & Mobile, IoT Payments

The payment revolution is here with 5G. 5G promises a whole new world of in nite possibilities and rewriting the world as we know, with assurances for an unprecedented level of connectedness among humans, machines, devices, and networks.

Feature Summary – STC for Mobile, IoT Payments in 5G Edge, Cloud

5G Edge computing unleashes the power of cloud computing at the edge along with necessary storage and security. This reduces latency of traf c, minimizes network traf c to the core, thereby enabling the millions of IoT devices for the payment functions. NewNet’s STC application in the Edge can handle these payments for rapid, real time authorizations with highest security. Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) in 5G is expected to deliver ultra-low latency and giga bits per second speed which allows to support high density of IoT devices and related applications requiring faster responses and operate with highest security in real time.

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