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Secure Transaction Routing and Transport

NewNet provides Secure Transaction Routing and Transport and SIP Trunking products to:

NewNet’s Total Control Secure Transaction Gateway (STG) connects transaction terminals to a host authorization system using TCP/IP and X.25 protocols, acting as a secure intermediary, it appears to appearing to Point of Sale (POS) initiation devices host.  STG is designed to ensure no single point of failure for maximum uptime and higher availability.  The system combines digital signaling processor (DSP) technology, secure transaction processing (switching and routing), and management software to provide fast, reliable connectivity using today’s most advanced communication technologies.

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SIP Trunking

Displace dependencies on legacy dial transport solutions with no impact to existing installed modem-based equipment.  Eliminate dial transactions fees for dial-enabled POS and ATM systems with NewNet’s sophisticated SIP Trunking solutions architected to maximize performance.

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