AccessGuard 1000 (AG1000) provides secure transaction routing and transport between IP-based Point Of Sale (POS) transaction systems and payment ecosystem authorization servers. NewNet’s future forward technology can be deployed in both virtualized, cloud based applications or via physical hardware.  Products support high volume transactions from retail POS systems, mCommerce and eCommerce payments, SMS/USSD based payments, mobile wallets and other IP-based payment systems are securely encrypted and routed via the PCI validated AG1000.


The AG1000 offers secure transaction routing and transport via virtualized applications or physical environments  NewNet’s products consolidate HTTPS & SSL transaction routing, SSL acceleration, and load balancing within a compact rack mounted footprint. Exceptional scalability and reliability are achieved while optimizing efficiency.

Key Benefits

Technical Specifications

Chassis Specifications
  • 2U Rack Servers, redundant units
  • WxHxD : 442x88x660 mm
  • WxHxD : 17.4×3.5×26 in
System HW Single Unit
Processor Dual processor with 4 cores, each @ 2.4GHz and additional crypto processor for SSL Acceleration
Minimum IP Addresses Required Single system IP address required
Network Routing Support for RIP, OSPF, BGP
Session Capacity Expansion  Expansion using SW licenses on same HW with no additional HW in units of 500/1000 sessions
Layer 7 Routing for Banking applications VISA I/II, ISO8583, TPDU
Secure Remote Access Secure Shell (SSH)
Gigabit Ethernet Traffic Ports (SFP) Copper & Optical 4 GE ports
Multiple mode Load balancing Round robin, host load based, host response based
Software licensable Licensable SW features for HTTP transactions, IPSec, SSL
Redundancy/Failover VRRP Based active/standby or active/active model
HW Assisted Security TLS 1.2, TLS 1.1, SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0
Load Balancing Load balancing based on Round robin, Preference value, Outstanding traffic load, Lowest response delays etc
Virtualization & Logical Segregation Virtualize and segregate resources and traffic
DUKPT Encryption P2PE support with FIPS certified key storage
Secure Internet & Future Mobile Transactions Readiness HTTPS for internet transactions, GGSN  Interface for GPRS transactions authentication
HTTPS De-capsulation Secure web transaction with de-capsulation/encapsulation of protocol based data for CNP and mobile app/browser based transactions
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Data Sheet

AccessGuard 1000 (AG1000) processes millions of mobile, broadband IP based POS transactions, m-commerce and e-commerce payments transactions, and mobile wallet payments, The AG1000 enables safe and reliable transport of financial transactions, security verification for any data that requires high levels of data encryption over many network types.

Product Brief

The AG1000 Secure Transaction Solution Application Brief focuses on interconnecting existing legacy and new generation bank host systems to the mobile, broadband internet based Point of Sales (POS) terminals, ATMs, NFC Terminals, smart phone and Tablet based mobile payment terminals etc, for the next generation financial transaction market.

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