NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) solution offers NFV based virtualized secure transaction routing and transport applications. The STC handles a broad range of secure transaction routing, switching and transport functions for mobile/IP POS/POI, mPOS/smartPOS, ecommerce/mCommerce and internet/mobile internet-based payment transactions.

NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) solution offers virtualized secure transaction routing and transport applications with high performance and high security. The STC application facilitates multiple Virtual Networks Functions (VNF) for TLS, IPsec, SSH, and HTTPS for PCI compliant security; ISO8583, TPDU, VISA, XML as Transaction Protocols; Tokenization and P2PE for end to end security of transactions and key payment functions of EMV Crypto and PIN Handling along with Load Balancing and high availability.

STC offers high security virtualized payment transport solution with virtualized Hardware Security Module (HSM) for the SDN, NFV ready cloud infrastructure in the public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

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As a technology provider to FinTech enterprises and the payments ecosystem, NewNet offers vast experience in delivering global technology and payments infrastructure products while advancing server-based, on-premise hardware products to virtualized solutions. This allows payment and technology businesses to avoid large capital investments in traditional data center build-outs, eliminate transaction-based fee billing, reduce the cost of compliance and expedite new application deployments. Learn more about our virtualized solutions here.

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NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) virtualized payment application offers NFV based virtualized secure payment applications of AccessGuard Cloud edition and TransKrypt Cloud Edition with a broad range of Virtual Networks Functions (VNF)

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NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) virtualized payment transaction solutions for cloud services can be operated in a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure and offers a wide range of benefits for the acquirer/processor or MNO/Carrier customers.

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Cloud-Based Secure Transaction Processing Becomes Reality – Case Study

NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) solution in action together with IP/Wireless POS Terminals offers high security, cost effective, easy to use, flexible and optimized cloud based virtualized payment transaction solution.

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NewNet Secure Payment Transactions’ President, Krishna Viswanadham Featured in ‘CIO Review’ Magazine Article – When Building Castles on Clouds Turns into a Reality

NewNet’s Secure Transactions President, Krishna Viswanadham, was featured in CIO Review’s April 2020 Issue. Krishna discusses how the advent of new payment methods has led to a substantial rise in the volume of transactions observed within the industry, and has been a huge impetus to this migration to cloud.

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