SIP Trunking

Optimizing transport EXPENSES

SIP Trunking, via relevant server-based technology,  displaces decencies on legacy dial transport  solutions, with no impact to existing installed modem-based POS and ATM equipment.

Key Benefits

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Additional Product Information

 Data Sheet

Sophisticated SIP Trunking is used to displace dependencies on legacy dial transport solutions – with no impact to existing installed modem-based equipment.
• Eliminate dial transport per transaction fees on dial-enabled ATM and POS initiation devices
• No impact to existing installed dial, enabled equipment
• Codecs uncompressed architecture standards maximize performance

Product Brief

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based trunks is the global answer to the dial network evolution and SIP is proven to be capable to redefine the payment transactions from the legacy devices and in the process creating a seamless adaptation for the payment industry into the packet only network world of tomorrow.

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