Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) – Data Sheet

NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) virtualized payment application offers NFV based virtualized secure payment applications of AccessGuard Cloud edition and TransKrypt Cloud Edition with a broad range of Virtual Networks Functions (VNF)

Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) – Data Brief

NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) virtualized payment transaction solutions for cloud services can be operated in a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure and offers a wide range of benefits for the acquirer/processor or MNO/Carrier customers.

AccessGuard 1000 – Datasheet

AccessGuard 1000 (AG1000) processes millions of mobile, broadband IP based POS transactions, m-commerce and e-commerce payments transactions, and mobile wallet payments, The AG1000 enables safe and reliable transport of financial transactions, security verification for any data that requires high levels of data encryption over many network types.

AccessGuard 1000 – Product Brief

The AG1000 Secure Transaction Solution Application Brief focuses on interconnecting existing legacy and new generation bank host systems to the mobile, broadband internet based Point of Sales (POS) terminals, ATMs, NFC Terminals, smart phone and Tablet based mobile payment terminals etc, for the next generation financial transaction market.


Total Control Secure Transaction Gateway Dial – Product Brief

Total Control Secure Transaction Gateway product brief provides more detail for secure dial-up system, and integration support. Security protocol information is provided such as VISA I/II and Synchronous Data Link Control with full protocol emulation.


TransKrypt Security Server – Data Sheet

TransKrypt Security Server is a comprehensive provides hardware accelerated Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) for secure data transport from POS terminals to host servers. Secure cryptographic devices used for cryptographic-key management and decryption of account data are host/hardware security modules (HSMs), which are approved and configured to FIPS 140-2 (levels 2 & 3).

TransKrypt Security Server – Product Brief

TransKrypt Product Brief provide more detail on data encryption from POS terminals, certificate verification of the client POS devices’ certificates, and tokenization of card holder data. Information is provided payment transaction data originating from payment initiating devices flowing through public networks comprising dial, broadband and mobile technologies.

Common Element Manager – Data Sheet

The Common Element Manager System (CEM) features an easy-to-use graphical interface that enables network operators to view system status and device availability at a glance. This Secure Transaction System is based on Java architecture and it inter-operates with service providers’ network management platform of choice, enabling them to leverage an existing equipment investment.


AccessView Accounting Server – Data Sheet

AccessView Accounting Server captures accounting and network statistics from NewNet’s AG1000 and Total Control STG for subscriber billing, transaction recording, report generation, network performance monitoring, and system modeling and measurements.

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