Legacy Payment NAC Upgrades

NewNet offers a seamless upgrade from legacy NAC (Network Access Controller / Network Access Concentrator) systems with state of the art, futuristic payment solutions including migration options to private/public cloud infrastructure.

NewNet Physical Server products offer technology rich, future forward solutions for secure transaction routing and transport. Legacy Data Center hardware typically carries a high cost of support, delivers minimal scalability and limited redundancy.

Replacing legacy hardware with NewNet’s innovative physical hardware or virtualized applications deliver Key Benefits including:

Improve transaction routing and transport functions while gaining a progression path to cloud-based processing with NewNet’s suite of legacy upgrade products:

 AccessGuard 1000

Enables mobile, broadband IP-based POS transactions, m-commerce, mobile wallet and e-commerce transactions in an integrated solution.   AccessGuard 1000 enables safe and reliable transport of financial transactions as well as provides security verification for data requiring high levels of data encryption across many network types.

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Total Control STG

Enables high-speed transaction processing of credit card authorizations, debit card transactions, health benefit authorizations, electronic benefits transfers, and other transaction-based communications involving single-session transfer of small amounts of data.

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Secure Transaction Cloud

NewNet delivers a seamless progression path to cloud-based processing via Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) solutions in private or public cloud environments.

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Upgrading to NewNet Payment Transaction Products and the Benefits – Case Study

Customers worldwide are moving to the advanced payment systems from NewNet and adopting the advanced, secure and high speed transaction methodology utilizing the STG and AG systems for supporting Dial, Broadband and Mobile payment transactions or migrating to cloud based infrastructure for Mobile/Web transactions using STC. 

Upgrade from Legacy NACs to Cutting Edge Technology Payment Transport, Routing & Switching Networking System – Data Sheet

Let NewNet Secure Payment Transactions with immense experience across all geographies in helping leading customers that handle several billions of transactions annually on successful legacy NAC system upgrades, assist with plug and play replacement solutions for secure transaction routing and transport.  Eliminate dependencies on tenured equipment with no future roadmap, and or non-existent servicing options, with NewNet’s server-based solutions.

Expand, Enhance, Augment, Or Migrate To Newnet Secure Payment Solutions

NewNet Secure Payment Transactions solutions are perfectly suited for adding on new capabilities related to expansion needs, backup or disaster recovery needs, introducing new payment acceptance from mobile/web devices, newer security requirements like Tokenization or P2PE, or for full-fledged migration to Cloud Payments.

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