Improve performance visibility, management insight and monitoring with NewNet’s analytics and admin solutions. NewNet’s physical server solutions and cloud-based applications are architected to interface with NewNet’s management systems.

Access View is an integral component of NewNet’s suite solutions and can be consumed via physical server or cloud-based application. Access View captures accounting and network statistics from the Total STG in real-time, then processes and stores them in its database. Access View provides the convenience to generate customized reporting for planning and monitoring purposes.

Data captured by Access View can be utilized for the following back office operations:

Improve Real-Time Performance Visibility Gather Critical Analytics
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Common Element Manager System (CEM) features an easy-to-use graphical interface that enables network operators to view system status and device availability at a glance. This Secure Transaction System is based on Java architecture and inter-operates with service providers’ network management platform of choice, enabling them to leverage an existing equipment investment.

Improve Network Operations and Performance Oversight
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