WiMax RAN and CORE Infrastructure

NewNet’s market leading WiMAX infrastructure solutions provides service provider systems and services and CPE equipment to address diverse CSP requirements. These field proven, high performance and flexible solutions span the radio network, network core, value add applications and operations management.

Innovative Access Point Solutions

NewNet provides access point solutions for macro-area coverage with low complexity and easy deployment. NewNet WiMAx products can be up and running rapidly, reducing time to market and start-up costs for communication service providers.


NewNet’s WAP 450 Access Point is a cost effective and convenient wireless broadband access solution. The WAP 450 features a flat IP architecture and optional peer-to-peer communication for fast handoffs and low latency. WAP 450 offers a WiMax infrastructure that delivers a seamless, rich media experience for the end-user with optimization for mobility.

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NewNet Communication Technologies WAP 650 addresses user demand for high downlink and uplink speeds. WiMax coverage via the use of WAP 650 is a cost effective alternative versus the capital expenditure required for deployment of many more cell site to achieve the same level of service. The WAP 650 delivers up to 50% higher coverage, enabling operators to serve more subscribers with premium services.

For more information on the WAP 650 login to our Support Downloads System


NewNet continues to provide support services for the following additional access point products:

WAP 400WAP 420WAP 600 and WAP 800

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